Nacogdoches Farmer's Market newsletter Saturday July, 23
Posted 07/21/2016

Saturday Market, July 23, from 8 AM until just after noon
NOTICE TO CUSTOMERS AND VENDORS: All items for sale are required to be locally grown or locally made. Our produce vendors are inspected quarterly. Check the display case or talk to Texadus if you have any questions.

Did everyone see the new marked lines and new numbers? I think this will help customers and vendors both. A caveat… our parking lot is city property so if we have a Banita Creek Leftover as we call them… we have to improvise. We canNOT have them towed. I appreciate your patience when we need to adjust due to that. Has everyone seen… and ENJOYED the new fans? I believe they are definitely helping. Did you know we now have available ice water for the comfort of our vendors and customers? See Booth 3B. 
It is getting hotter. It is getting drier. Many of our produce vendors are fighting what can feel like a losing battle. They especially appreciate your support now. Many things will be in short supply… or less than pretty. Let them know… you are glad they are here and fighting the good fight. 
Lynn Jones

Things you might find include: LOCAL produce… vegetables, fruits, herbs, artisan Texas cheeses, hand-made clothes, home crafted items, free-range eggs, baked goods (breads, cakes, mini cheesecakes, cookies, cupcakes & pies), canned goods (jams & jellies, marmalade, preserves, pickled vegetables, salsas & relishes), local raw honey, jewelry, fried pies, plants, goat milk soaps, local wines, wood products, and more.

Local Produce this time of year includes: okra, green beans, tomatillos, eggplants, tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelons, carrots, cucumbers, greens, herbs, purple hull peas, peppers, new potatoes, squash, peaches, garlic, figs, butternut squash, and…

#1 David Kimling will be selling smoked Gouda and other artisan cheeses from Brazos Valley Cheese of Waco, Texas; artisan blue & cheddar cheeses (jalapeno, sharp cheddar & caraway) from Veldhuizen Farms of Dublin, Texas and goat cheeses from the Haystack Mountain Goat Dairy (including artisan gouda, Camembert, chevre, chili Jack, half cow/half goat cheese and red cloud).

#2 Joyce Goranson grinds Organic KAMUT grains to bake Fresh Fermented Breads--7-Grain, Honey Oat, Tomato Basil, Raisin, Flatbread Pitas and Pizza Crusts--and Cowboy Cookies.  $5 per loaf/bag or 2/$9.  Spa Therapy Pillows, therapeutic shoulder/neck warmers to relax muscles or help relieve arthritic pain, available in favorite prints and plaids @ $20 or 2/$36 and Eye Pillows to help dry eyes, recommended by Dr. Shannon Smith, M.D @ $10 or 2/$18. Her email address is: and her cell is:  #901-674-5113.

#3 Michelle Craig will have mini specialty cheesecakes, assorted cookies, fried pies, fried meat pies, buttermilk pies and various other goodies.
#3 Kathy McCaffrey will have an assortment of eggplants, herbs (lemon basil, fennel, lavender, mint, Greek oregano, rosemary & lemon thyme), peppers and squash (green striped crookneck & spaghetti).
#4 Maydelle Country sells fruit wines. Their wines are made in small batches and bottled one at a time with the attitude of "If it ain't fun, it ain't right." Their wine list consists of Lemon, Lime, Grapefruit, Elderberry, Blackberry, Peach, a Pear/Apricot blend (Texas Sunset), pineapple and others that will be rotated by stock.  Come see what they have THIS week… Their phone number is: 903-795-3915

#4 Weda Scholes will have free range pastured eggs, and her lovely breads

#5 Petalwork, fueled by the creative artistry of Shannon White, offers beautiful, exciting, fresh, and elegant jewelry. Inspired by the glory and wonder of the natural world, Petalwork's designs tend to reflect this natural beauty. Each necklace, bracelet, and set of earrings is a unique glimpse into Shannon's spirit as she pours her love and energy into every piece. Natural stones, crystals, metals, and glass - all are included in these hand made treasures you will cherish for a lifetime.
layaway certificates available...we accept cash, visa, and mastercard. Please contact Shannon via mobile/text @ 512-663-3774. LIKE us on Facebook 
#6 The Jones family from Texadus Family Farm in Timpson will have Jalapeno Cheese Bread, French Bread, Flour Tortillas, Buttermilk Biscuits, Lemon Sunshine Rolls, and more baked goods, spice blends, granolas, and jams and jellies made with local fruit and sweetened with local honey (NO SUGAR!!) And NOW their Bread and Butter Relish is made with LOCAL HONEY! They will have their hand crafted goat's milk soap made from their own goat's milk available (We milk the goats! We make the soap!).  Come by, smell the soaps, and ask questions. We have fresh batches of Don’t Bug Me Spray and deodorants including our newest scent Thai One On, a fresh ginger lime.  Friend Lynn on face book - Texadus Farm-Wife or LIKE our face book page (Texadus Family Farm) for CURRENT updates!  Our email is - texadus@gmail. Call Lynn at 936-615-3050 (leave a message)

#7 Wildhurst Bee Company WILL be selling local honey, bees wax, and creamed honey. Their hives range from Alto to Milam TX… come chat about honey and bees… Where is Miss Opal? She has had some health issues… Lorie and Jackie’s husbands and sons are working the bees and bringing you the SAME honey Miss Opal did. It is truly a family and community enterprise.

#8 Millard Farms should have basil, fresh frozen shelled pinto beans, carrots, celery, cucumbers, eggplant(4 varieties),  greens (kale & turnip), okra, onions (red, white & yellow), parsley, shelled peas (purple hull & zipper cream), unshelled purple hull peas, peppers (hot & sweet), new potatoes (red & white), strawberry preserves, tomatillos, tomatoes (cherry, red, & Roma), watermelons,  and butternut squash. 

#9  Moon and Sun Farm will be back (They come to the market every other week).  They should have carrots, cucumbers, free range-organic non-GMO eggs, herbs (lemon balm, lemon basil, purple basil, garlic chives, oregano & rosemary), purple basil  lemonade, okra, wild blackberry potted plants, squash (blossoms, yellow straight-neck & zucchini) and tomatoes.
 #10 Michael Cid with the New Day Baking Company will be serving breakfast… come see what they have this week.
#11 Sarah Wood with Cutter’s Trail Ranch will be out with fresh eggs.
#11 Mary Ronzello sells chemical free produce including Chinese long beans, green beans, free-range eggs, eggplants, herbs (chives, dill, oregano & sage), okra, peppers (banana, Bell, jalapeno & tabasco), scallop squash and tomatoes (cherry & Roma).

#12 Brown’s Orchard will have peaches
#13 Cindy Pruett with the Appleby Community Farm will be at the market this week.  She will have eggs, flowers, herbs, kombucha, and veggies. For information about the Appleby Community Farm CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farm on HWY 59 between Appleby and HWY 259, check out their website: or stop by and visit with them at the market for membership information.

#10B New Day Bakery – eating area

#9B Beat the heat with a chilled glass of Naca Valley Vineyard wine. We’ll be at Farmers Market with tastings for your enjoyment. Perfect for sipping during the dog days of summer is our popular and delicious Bad Day Rose´ or choose our classic white Vermentino that’s great by itself or for pairing with chicken, seafood or pasta. If your taste runs to the dry red, ask for a tasting of the medium-bodied Dolcetto. We’ll be at the Market Saturday from 8 to noonunder the canopy with our Naca Valley Vineyard banners. Drop by early to escape the hottest temps and set the tone for a happy weekend.
#7B Wynn and Pam Havard with Jellytree Mayhaw Farm will have mayhaw, plum, blackberry, and blueberry jellies and jams.
#6B Texadus Family Farm has both sides of the aisle… see booth #6
 #5B Keith Wright will be here with his chuck wagon.  He will be demonstrating Dutch oven cooking with cobblers, pies and rolls for sale.
#3B Ice water…

#14 Otis Harbuck The Pea Guy plans to be here depending on his peas. Look for his trailer and his spiffy new Harbuck Farm T shirt
#15 George Partin should have cucumbers, okra, yellow onions, new potatoes, yellow squash, peppers, tomatoes(green & red)…
#16 George Partin watermelons
#17 Jonathan from the Perkins Farm will be selling cucumbers, jalapenos, okra, yellow squash and tomatoes.  He might have cantaloupes and watermelons if they are ready.
#18 Mike Doughty sells new birdhouses and feeders, wooden toys and pine needle baskets. Stop by and tell him you love the planter he built for the market

#21 Jim Duty will have okra and possibly figs

#22 Thomas Owens will be selling jubilee watermelons.

#23 Louis Duffield will be here. Check out his website and his Facebook page for specials and updates. Check out his delicious Asian pears!!


#25 Stanley with Bellebrook Farms will be back (They come to the market every other week).  They sell 90% lean organic Belgian Blue Beef: ground beef (90% & 98 %  lean), steaks, brisket, roasts and cheese balls. If anyone needs meat before then please come by their office at 2639 Canyon St. (just off Old Tyler Rd) to pick up anything you need.

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