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XETX Business Solutions

How do you pronounce

XETX Business Solutions”?


It’s OK to ask.  It happens pretty often.  People peer closely at the logo on our shirts and ask us how to pronounce “XETX”.  We answer, “X-E-T-X”. 

“Not ‘Zeetex’?” 

No, just “X-E-T-X”.  That stands for Xerographix East Texas, Inc.  XETX is just easier to say and spell.

“So what does XETX Business Solutions do?”

For starters, we are the Authorized Xerox Sales Agency for Nacogdoches and the seven surrounding counties.  We are a locally-owned independent business, and we’ve been doing this since 1984.  We would have named ourselves “Xerox East Texas,” but the name “Xerox” was already taken.  It turns out, Xerox Corporation had it trademarked and copyrighted a long time ago, so we can’t legally use the word “Xerox” in our company name.  But we can say that we are XETX Business Solutions, a Xerox Authorized Sales Agent. 

So what’s the “Business Solutions” part about? 
We’re Not Just About Copiers Anymore.
We also do Managed Print Services and I.T. Consulting Services. 

At this point, we usually see looks on faces that say, “More explanation, please.”  Which we are happy to do. 

It’s really very simple.
No, really it is. 

Managed Print Services means that we can manage your existing fleet of desktop printers, no matter what brand they are. 
They don’t have to be Xerox brand printers.  They could be HP, Lexmark, Brother, or others.  We don’t necessarily replace your existing printer fleet.  We manage the printers you already have.  We handle the on-site maintenance and provide all operating supplies.  And we give insight and reporting on how your printers are being used, how many prints you are making, and how much they are costing. 

At long last, you will have data available to help you make informed decisions and better manage your printer costs.  Peter Drucker once said, “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” Until now, little has been known about printer page volume and costs.  Well, now we can help you manage your printer fleet by measuring your printer volume and cost.  It’s really a great program.  But it’s not for everyone.  If you have at least 10 printers (not copiers or multifunction copiers, but PRINTERS), then you should be talking to us about Managed Print Services. 

We start with a no-cost print assessment to identify your current printer fleet, page volumes, and costs.  After reviewing this data with you, we’ll discuss your specific requirements and prepare a cost analysis comparing your current situation with our Managed Print Solution.  There’s no cost and no commitment up front for the initial analysis.  You won’t know how much you could benefit from Managed Print Services until you ask for the analysis.  

So contact our Managed Print Services specialist Jason Liker to get started.

You probably already know what I.T. Consulting Services means.  We can help with just about anything related to a computer network in a business.  We don’t perform services in residential environments, but we do in just about any kind of office environment.  If you are in a large business enterprise, you may already have full-time I.T. personnel on staff.  If so, you would rely on them for all things I.T. related.  But if you don’t have full-time I.T. people on staff, you should be talking to us.  We can recommend new computer network equipment, help with implementation, conduct trouble-shooting, and manage your computer network environment on an on-going basis. 

So if you need help with software upgrades, data back-up, email recommendation and management, disaster recovery, etc., contact our
I.T. Consulting Services
staff Jason Liker or Ben Coulter to get things started.

We hope this clears things up a bit.  Thank you for your time and attention. 
Remember, that’s X-E-T-X Business Solutions.

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