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City to consider partnership with GDVF for transfer and recycling of mattresses…
Posted 11 - 20 - 2014

City to consider partnership with GDVF for transfer and recycling of

mattresses… .

The Nacogdoches City Council will consider at its November 18th meeting

a contract with Gubba & Dangy Vintage Finds, or GDVF. GDVF is a company

that specializes in creating decorative items from the coils of mattresses and box

springs. The City of Nacogdoches recently completed a pilot project with GDVF

to begin transferring 700 mattresses from the landfill with great success.

The City landfill receives hundreds of mattresses each year. Mattresses

are very difficult to process at landfills for several reasons. For every mattress

that enters the landfill 1.4 yards of space is lost. Due to their construction and

shape, mattresses tend to “float” to the surface, meaning they do not retain a

daily cover well. The large rectangular shape of a mattress means it cannot fill

small voids, and thus smaller pieces of waste shift around and beneath it. Once

exposed during compaction or daily cover operation, the springs of mattresses

easily enter into the tracks of landfill equipment, resulting in lost time and costly

repairs. “The City of Nacogdoches is excited about the possibility of being able to

send mattresses somewhere where they can be reused, and also be able

toextend the life of our landfill,” said Public Works Director Cary Walker.

GVDF offers up-cycled vintage furniture, funky re-loved one-of-a-kind

finds, home décor and more utilizing box springs and mattresses. Their wares

can be found online and monthly at Canton Trade Days. “We think it would be

great if a local business was interested in partnering with Gubba & Dangy

Vintage Finds so that residents could purchase the upcycled items here in

Nacogdoches,” said Communications & Main Street Director Sarah O’Brien. “It

could be another reason for residents to Shop Nac First.:The City Council will consider an agreement on Tuesday night formalizing

the partnership between the City of Nacogdoches and GVDF. The contract

grants exclusive rights to GDVF to any mattresses received by the City and

specifies that GDFV is responsible for any costs associated with transferring and

disposing of mattresses. The contract will allow either party to terminate the

agreement with 30 days written notice. “We really feel this is a win win for us,”

said Walker, “We will be able to maximize landfill space and help turn someone’s

trash into someone else’s treasure at no cost to the tax payer.”

“The City of Nacogdoches is excited to be able to bring another avenue of

recycling to Nacogdoches residents,” said O’Brien. As a reminder paper, glass,

plastic and cardboard can be taken to recycling bins located behind the CL

Simon Recreation Center. Clean aluminum cans can be donated to the Animal

Shelter of the Senior Center to help raise funds for their programs. The Staples

store will help you recycle household batteries and ink cartridges. You can take

plastic grocery bags back to the store to be recycled. Look for the bins or ask a

customer service representative. Metals, and building materials can be taken to

the Habitat for Humanity Restore to be reused for a good cause.

For details on recycling and information on other resources in Nacogdoches



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