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Find your way with the Nacogdoches City & County Street Map
Posted 07 - 17 - 2014

Photo:  The UPS Store owner Jodie Stone and employee Paige Sumney stand at the display in the business that includes the Nacogdoches City & County Street Map, the Nacogdoches Guide & Chamber Directory and the Retire in Nacogdoches brochure - all Nacogdoches County Chamber of Commerce publications that are taken and used by the business's patrons. 

(Photo by Kelly Daniel)


Find your way

By Kelly Daniel, Membership and Marketing Manager


You are here.

But where do you want to go, what do you want to do and how will you find the things you need?

Get the answers in the Nacogdoches Official City & County Street Map.

"Beyond city streets, county and FM roads, state and interstate highways, the map holds tons more information than what is found on a smart phone app," said Angela Wiederhold, owner of Point A Media, publisher of the chamber's materials. "Find school district boundaries, points of interest such as parks, historic sites, cultural and significant places to see in our town plus Stephen F. Austin State University, the county and the community. Anyone who wants to know where anything is in Nacogdoches, needs this map!"

Annually, the Nacogdoches County Chamber of Commerce puts the valuable information map in the hands of 12,000 people, directly and indirectly.

"The map is snatched up by a 50:50 mix of first-time visitors, new residents primarily, and what you might call 'field workers' that include service technicians, package and postal drivers, health care providers, contractors, sales folks, realtors, etc." said Bruce Partain, chamber President/CEO.  "The newcomers read the entire map. It is all exciting, new information they need to know. The field folks keep and use the map over and over until it is worn out - then they stop by and get more. Either way, the information and the advertisers on the map are up front and visible.

"The street map is easily the most requested printed piece at the chamber," Partain said. "The majority of our lobby visitors walk in asking for a map, and we receive more requests daily by phone and email. The fact that a link to view the map is placed on the chamber's web site,, makes it available worldwide."

People that live and work in Nacogdoches know to pick up maps at the Nacogdoches County Chamber of Commerce. In addition to the chamber information center, visitors will find  the map in locations such as hotels, the Nacogdoches Convention & Visitors Bureau, realtor offices, restaurants and other local businesses ready for patrons to browse and take with them.

I enjoy helping new people that have moved to Nacogdoches," said Jodie Stone, owner The UPS Store. "We sometimes are the first people they meet, either opening a mailbox or shipping a package. I view it as an added community benefit I can provide by having the maps and Nacogdoches guides available."

Thousands of the maps are spread around the SFA campus for those attending the five SFA freshmen orientations or three transfer student orientations held in summer. New SFA students and their parents and relatives that attend the sessions appreciate the easy-to-carry piece that is loaded with the information they will need in what is now their new home.

"One year we completely ran through our supply of maps very early in the year," Partain said.  "That was in February 2003, after the Columbia Shuttle incident. Search crew members were wearing out maps by the hundreds.  We printed a second run that year.  We've been able to keep up with other emergency demands, such as after Hurricanes Rita and Ike, when electric repair crews also needed a high volume of maps to do their work. It was gratifying to see news photos of the crew leaders using our map to plan their re-connection strategy."

The maps are kept up to date with street additions and any name changes.

"Every year we drive new streets, find new roads in addition to working with the City and the County officials to make sure our official map is correct," Wiederhold said. "It's worth the work to produce a piece that is practical, necessary, needed and purpose-driven."



Find the following in the Nacogdoches Official City & County Street Map:

lake locations; airport; city street listing; school districts; Stephen F. Austin State University campus map; public gardens and parks; historic sites; public buildings; public school campuses; recreation points including walking/biking trails; and products and services provided by local businesses with QR codes and other contact information.


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