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The story of a map that wears out and welcomes
Posted 08 - 16 - 2013

Nacogdoches resident Pat Gray uses his Nacogdoches map so much he's worn it out!

Pat stopped by the Chamber today to pick up his free, shiny new 2013 map.


Meanwhile, the Chamber still has just a few valuable ad spots on the 2014 map.

By advertising  on the 2014 Nacogdoches Official City/County Street Map or in the Nacogdoches Official Guide & Chamber Directory, businesses can reach the residents and businesses of Nacogdoches County, the hundreds of new families moving to our community, plus incoming SFA students and their parents.

Contact Point A Media at 568-9200 or visit today for more information and ad space rates.

Note: if an ad sales person calls you about advertising in a map, be sure you are dealing with the official Chamber publications produced by Point A Media!

While a good portion of the maps are used by current residents, many are supplied to newcomers and those who are considering a move to Nacogdoches. 

Those particular map users likely:

-       have no other hard-copy information in their hands about Nacogdoches.

-       have a serious plan to move to Nacogdoches

-       study the ads in great detail (every ad paints a more complete picture of their new town.)

-       will keep and refer to the map often over the next weeks/months

A newcomer is hyper-ready to buy. You can’t defer certain move-related transactions!

Newcomers are often ready to commit to a new service provider, especially once-in-a-move services such as:

o    bank

o    dentist

o    doctor

o    real estate agent

o    insurance agent

o    communications services

o    utility providers

o    school

o    church

o    financial advisor

o    attorney

o    accountant

o    childcare

o    eldercare

Other businesses can get an early call, too:

o    hotel or motel (5-visit average for retiree relocation!)

o    entertainment providers

o    employer for spouse/family members

o    home purchase affiliates: home inspector, title company

o    landscaper/nursery

o    contractors for home-related work – electrician, painter, locksmith, roofer

§  Once a newcomer selects a new doctor or dentist in town, switching is not as likely.

§  Once the newcomer has contacted and selected his/her new realtor, chances of long-term loyalty also improve. 

Newcomers often make that initial selection and start a long-term relationship.

For advertisers in the Chamber's Official Map of Nacogdoches and Official Guide to Nacogdoches, the market is targeted, and the long-term benefits are great!

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