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NISD doing its part to care for the earth through energy management
Posted 04 - 18 - 2013

Nacogdoches Independent School District students learn about being good stewards of the earth while every NISD employee puts it into practice daily.


NISD Energy Manager Reggie Hudson — or energy police as some might jokingly call him — keeps employees on their toes, with in person visits and emails highlighting areas where the district can conserve.


Hudson gets help from an intricate, computerized energy management system that helps NISD save 4 million kilowatt hours of power each year — conserving resources and saving more than $300,000 annually in taxpayer dollars.


“Wise use of our energy not only saves us money but stretches our limited energy sources further and reduces pollution,” explained Hudson.


He said the district’s energy management program began in 1995 when the NISD board entered into a contract with Energy Education Inc. to train an energy manager to direct, monitor and report energy use including electricity, natural gas, and water.   


The program uses software that compensates for variations including changes in floor area, temperature, number of days in a billing month and rate paid for utilities. 


The data calculates what the district would have paid if it had not

made any changes to determine a “true” savings.


Since inception of the program 17 years ago, the district has saved $5 million in energy costs by making adjustments.


“The daily operation of our Energy Management System allows us to control the temperature in our class rooms and turns the system off when not needed,” Hudson said. “NISD director of facilities Chris Davis, along with maintenance director Fred Ray, and HVAC supervisor Keith Hayter, make sure we only use what is needed.”


While Hudson takes a fair amount of teasing about his dedicated approach to his job as energy manager, NISD employees recognize the vital role he and the system play in conserving both money, resources and setting a good example for the managers of tomorrow.


“As your school district, we feel we have not only a duty to use our resources wisely, and reduce our pollution, but train our students to do the same,” Hudson said. “We all know that the best training is to model what should be done.  The Energy Management Program helps us model best practices for our students.”


Did you know?

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, saving electricity conserves natural resources and reduces pollution.  Saving 10,000 kilowatts of electricity saves the equivalent of the burning of 4.7 Tons of coal, and the resulting 12 tons of CO2. 

 One year of NISD’s conservation efforts equals

               Saving the burning of more 1,880 tons a coal that would pollute the atmosphere with 22,560 tons of CO2;

                Planting 1,160 acres of trees; 

               Removing 560 polluting cars from the highway.


  Over the 17-year life of NISD’s energy program, it’s efforts equal:

               Planting almost 20,000 acres of trees; and

                Removing almost 10,000 cars from the highways.

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