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Klingstone Paths
Posted 11 - 22 - 2017

Building new pathways

by Anna Laura Daniel, contributing writer and a senior at Stephen F. Austin State University

Klingstone Paths is a solution to creating beautiful paths ideal for parks, campuses and your own home garden. “A state-of-the-art aggregate binding resin,” as the company’s brochure describes it, used to glue stones and gravel together.

“I had problems around my home, and in my garden, and I didn’t have a solution for it,” Howell FCS owner Tim Howell and exclusive distributor of Klingstone Paths said. “We happened to be doing a tour at North Carolina State University, and were walking in their botanical gardens. As I’m walking down these paths they’re just incredible. Different types of stones and they’re like concrete, but water goes through it, you can roll a wheelchair on it.”

The product is easy enough to use. “For small home projects, I use my watering can,” Howell said. “There are infinite ways to use the product.” Klingstone Paths is ideal to use for trails, pathways, driveways, gardens and generally any place that rock or gravel needs to stick together.

Klingstone Paths is Green Building Council approved. Howell said that "it’s the only polyurethane binder product I am aware of in America approved for historical sites.   It’s been used on Thomas Jefferson’s home, James Madison’s home, Booker T Washington’s home, and it’s ADA compliant for wheelchair traffic.” It can be difficult for wheelchairs and scooters to tread through gravel, but with Klingstone Path material holding it together it's as easy as rolling over concrete.

Nacogdoches has several beautiful gardens, and Howell especially wanted to bring the product here to improve those pathways in garden areas. “We’re using asphalt and concrete where the water run off creates flooding problems. They also do not have the natural and aesthetic effect as Klingstone paths,” he said. “We need an innovative new solution.”

“What we’re doing in our community just isn’t green,” Howell continued. “That’s what I’m trying to change. I really wanted this for our state and for our city. It’s affordable and it’s environmentally-friendly.”

The Labyrinth at SFA Gayla Mize Garden is a new area that uses Klingstone Paths for it’s surface. Howell donated the Klingstone Paths to use for this project. He is hopeful that people walking the Labyrinth and experiencing Klingstone Paths first hand will raise awareness of it’s advantages

Klingstone Paths will be used in more projects around Nacogdoches soon, and Texas A&M has recently started using Klingstone Paths on their campus. “I worked and trained SSC Services, [Texas A&M’s maintenance company], and we completed our first project  near the entrance to Kyle Field,” Howell said. "They are putting budgets together for approval to do more projects on campus using the Klingstone Path product."

Howell believes this product will improve the Nacogdoches community. “I’m really trying to focus on cities and there is grant funding available in the state to create trails and parks. I’d like to see the local trails use our products. “The permeability makes it so much better than concrete or asphalt from an environmental perspective.  And when you see it you will understand the artistic difference as well.”

For a town that prides itself in its history, has the designation as The Garden Capital of Texas, and that it is nature-friendly, Klingstone Paths could continue to improve the look and feel of our area.


Contact Tim Howell, Howell FCS, LLC by calling (281) 798-6772 or go to for more information.  We are developing a new website and online store that will be available in November.


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