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Personal care makes a beautiful business - Nails 2000
Posted 07 - 22 - 2013

Paris Do enjoys showing her custom manicure by Diep Van at Nails 2000.

(Photo by Diep Van)

Personal care makes a beautiful business

By Adrian Garcia

Nacogdoches County Chamber of Commerce Intern

            Women everywhere love to be pampered. For women in Nacogdoches and surrounding areas, Nails 2000 is a staple.

            Upon entering the salon, customers are greeted by the pungent aroma of nail polish, the sound of bubbling foot spas and idle chatter. Just beyond the waiting area, the shop opened up into a surprisingly spacious area where employees were hard at work.

            Originally started in the 1990s, Nails 2000 was a successful business for a number of years, the previous owners decided it was time to move to Houston for other endeavors. In 2006, employees Remi Do and Stee Ngo came from Houston to take this opportunity to take over the business for their own. With help from friends, Nick Nguyen and Mardi Do, they spent the next three years turning the operation into their own, growing as a business, expanding their customer base and providing premium services for their customers.

            “Nick and Mardi took care of all the paper work, and since Stee and myself had already worked in the salon, we took care of all the customers,” Remi said.

            In August of 2009, they purchased their current location from a residential owner, and by June of 2010 they had moved in to set up shop. Because the location had been a residence, the more than 2,500 square foot home was in need of a serious overhaul before it could even be considered a nail salon.

            “We essentially gutted it. We knocked down a lot of walls and even installed a new front doorway,” Remi explained, as she pointed towards a row of massage chairs. “That’s where the old front door used to be. There’s still a door there but we felt this was a better spot for a front door.”

            Once their new location was open, business was booming. They provide services to customers from Center, Garrison, Joaquin, Timpson and Martinsville.

            “We pretty much have customers come from all surrounding counties to get their nails done,” Remi said. “We’ve been asked to expand, but this one location suits us just fine. On average we probably serve at least 100 customers a day throughout a 10 hour work day, 6 days a week. We’ve had to triple the amount of employees (5 to15 employees) over the years in order to take care of them all.”

            Remi said that Nails 2000 does much more than just apply nail polish. Services offered include manicures, pedicures, eyelash extensions and even waxing. Their basic pedicure starts at $25, while their signature pedicure includes hot towels and masking scrub. They even offer herbal spa pedicures with more than 15 different scents that boast their own individual healing powers to relieve stress, congestion or migraines. They even have herbal spa recipes specifically designed for separate genders. If someone has a problem, they have a remedy.

            One of Nails 2000’s newest products is the Signature Nail System, or more commonly known as SNS. 

“SNS is an odorless, organic product that helps strengthen nails and gives nails a more natural feel. We’re leaning towards a more natural approach to nail care and maintenance,” Remi said. “We aren’t just creating pretty nails, but healthier nails as well.”

SNS is one of their most popular products, currently offering over 10 different colors.

            “We also do custom designs on the nails, from freehand, 3D art and even special requests,” Remi said. “If a lady sees something on Pinterest that she likes, she can bring in the design and we will paint it for them.”

            Nails 2000 also offers natural eyelash extensions starting at $35 and can range up to $200. They even provide premium waxing services, starting at $10 for eyebrow waxing and can range up to $75 depending on what a customer wants waxed.

             Nails 2000 caters to large groups for parties, bridal showers, prom and even sorority formals.

            “We open up our new back room and offer package services for groups depending on size,” Remi said. “For six or more, we offer drinks and pastry trays, and for 10 or more we bring out a drink machine where we serve rum, tequila or vodka. For birthdays we like to give the birthday girl a cupcake.”

            Nails 2000 always continues to look for new and innovative products.

            “We always go to conventions to learn about new products and methods and we hand select items that we feel would cater well to our customers,” Remi said. “Before using any of these products in the salon, we always test them on ourselves. There is a lot of trial and error, but we strive to keep our customers satisfied. We never stop evolving.”

            Their evolution doesn’t just stop with nails. Some of the partners have plans in the works to open a Vietnamese restaurant in Houston called Lua. Lua essentially means products made of rice.

            “A lot of our products are rice based. Rice, noodles, basically the whole concept is to create healthy, fast, gourmet Vietnamese cuisine,” Remi explained. “We were thinking of opening the business in Nacogdoches as well, but we will see how it goes first in Houston.”

            The opening for Lua in Houston is set for the end of the year.



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