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HealthTrust Software
Posted 03 - 12 - 2013

Photo - HealthTrust Software founders and family pose with the chamber ceremonial scissors and red ribbon during the February ribbon cutting event. Pictured from left are M. Jan Spears, CEO of MJS & Associates; Tiffany Kovar, COO of HealthTrust Software; Jonathon Kovar, CEO of HealthTrust Software; and Ally Fuller, Jonathon and Tiffany's daughter.

(Photo by Kayla Borens)

Innovative software improves health care services

By Kayla Borens

Chamber Intern

For most industries, technological advances and product inventions provide new tools and improve productivity.

Jonathon Kovar, CEO and founder of HealthTrust Software Company, is proud to be involved in creating and developing a product that benefits those in the healthcare industry.

Kovar is a healthcare attorney and an advocate for healthcare providers who has assisted hundreds of home health agencies, physicians, durable medical equipment providers, hospices, therapy providers and outpatient clinics to become more compliant and more efficient by utilizing technology to streamline the documentation process.

According to Kovar, the company’s software was developed from the lab of MJS and Associates, the industry’s leading compliance consulting firm. Also contributing to the development was co-owner and Chief Executive Office Jan Spears, along with other teams of consulting, legal work and medical billing. The first version of the software, BASICmjs, was created in 2001. Feedback from home health agencies using the BASICmjs’ product, helped the company continue to add new features, presenting a new software in 2004 - mjsONE to signify the “one” complete solution for agencies seeking to operate with the utmost compliance and efficiency.

On April 1, 2009, HealthTrust Software was formed to further increase the development and support of “mjsONE.” Since then, HealthTrust Software has been creating partnerships with customers through a software system that has helped thousands of administrators and clinicians grow their businesses, increase their compliance and lower their cost of service.

“Most healthcare providers try to run their business with government regulations and payer regulations being the ‘ball and chain’ that they have to carry around. This is just an added burden that they live up to, but don’t play a role in their business other than a standard they have to meet,” Kovar said. “What we do is reverse that by living up to and exceeding these regulations by meeting the letter of the law, with the intention of the law and by changing the healthcare delivery system. You actually can now use that strategy for growing your business.”

In being a company that is primarily focused on growing the product for the markets that are served under HealthTrust Software and keeping up with the government regulation changes, it is important to have a team of employees to uphold these expectations.

From four employees to currently 20, Kovar said that quality training for the staff is important and ensures that everything associated with the company is at a high level of quality.

“We’re constantly improving the product and the employees we have,” Kovar said. “Being a company that prides itself on expertise, you can lose that razor edge pretty quickly. We constantly have to keep raising the bar, learning new things, constantly training new employees and training our clients to better utilize the tools that we have.”

Kovar said that with the company’s continuous 200% year over year growth, it is important to have a team of experts with specific skills, great work habits and positive attitudes to do the job right. Stephen F Austin State University has played a huge part in constructing the HealthTrust Software team through their job fairs and internship programs in the fields of: computer science, marketing/sales, communications, cinematography, technical services and journalism.

“We’re always looking for qualified professionals to join our team.” he said. “With our growth rate, we’re constantly looking for talented, ambitious people who want to make a contribution to the healthcare industry.”

When comparing HealthTrust Software to other competitors, Kovar said that instead of providing software for customers that may or may not abide by government regulations, HealthTrust Software “offers an expertise in the healthcare arena and a software system that systematically structures an operation that force documents into compliance with government regulation.

“We sell you the component, but what you’re really buying is the expertise of how that component was built and the environment that it was built to work in,” he said. “We offer intuitive, expertise and resources that help healthcare providers fully maximize compliance and use that compliance to provide profit and growth.”

HealthTrust Software is located on 2016 N. Stallings Dr. For more information about the products and services visit or call (877) 442-4555.  



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