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Musick Consultants
Posted 10 - 10 - 2012

Photo - Holly Musick, owner of Musick Consultants custom framing and design consulting, standing at her workshop table.

(Photo by Kelly Daniel)

Framing business opportunities

By Rachael Lindley, chamber intern

 As an experienced entrepreneur in the Nacogdoches community, Holly Musick started two novel businesses - Musick Consultants, an interior design consultant business and a framing business back in the ‘80s.

Musick was born in Nacogdoches and attended Texas A&M. She decided her hometown’s smaller, close-knit community was the ideal place to start her business. That’s when her journey with the Nacogdoches County Chamber of Commerce began.  Musick joined the chamber and was later invited to serve on the board of directors. She held multiple positions at the chamber, ranging from vice chair to chair and was even a co-chair of the Texas Blueberry Festival.

“I learned so much about Nacogdoches in my years on the board. I really enjoyed getting to know people from all different lines of work and everyone working together. Nacogdoches, being a smaller town, made that a lot easier,” Musick said.

 In 1985 Musick opened a custom framing shop and art gallery downtown that hosted art from local artists, including SFA faculty. “I believe strongly in our downtown and stayed there for six years,” she said.

Musick credits her eye for art from her mother, who was an artist.

When her daughter Mita was born, Musick’s priorities shifted. She wanted to stay at home with her child. She moved her framing business home where she could work at her convenience.

“In 2001 my husband started CPI, a contracting company. That’s how I got started with interior consulting,” Musick said.  “When my husband was the contactor I helped as more of a design consultant, and because I now know so much about construction, I can be the go- between for other contractors and home owners.”

Local residents bring Musick in to consult in the decoration of their homes. She does not go out and buy furnishings and other pieces to decorate. She simply consults. She will recommend professionals to come into her client’s homes to do carpeting or painting. Musick credits her time at the chamber for exposing her to so many wonderful local businesses, many of which now receive referrals for work.

Musick has always had a knack for colors and blending them beautifully. “I do have competition from very talented interior designers and custom framers. But, I don’t look at it like that, we’re more of a peer group,” Musick said.

She is known for listening to all parties of the household and weaving each style into her client’s homes, like a fine tapestry. She said, “I like when my clients have opinions, because I can make sure both parties are shown throughout the house.”

Of course, working from home in her custom framing business poses its own challenges. “It’s very difficult being my own motivator; I’m the worst procrastinator, I have to have a deadline,” she said. “But, I pride myself on a job well done.”

Musick Consultants client Judy Beckingham said, "Holly framed a few family mementos for me, my mother's sewing scissors and my grandfather's pocket watch. She put them both in shadow boxes and it was as if she'd captured them in time, it all really came to life. I smile every time I walk by them. She has such artistic talent and she is so good with color. Holly pays such great attention to what you want and really goes the extra mile."

Musick says she enjoys her job immensely. She describes her businesses as “high quality with a practical approach that gives you great results.”

Contact Musick Consultants at (936) 554-8202.


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