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Crossover Counseling and Coaching
Posted 02 - 15 - 2011

  PicturedPictured left-right: Liana Berry, Laura Smith and Joshua Wheaton

Coaching on the playing fields of the mind

by Regina Bost, Chamber intern



           Coaches inspire, motivate and give people that extra push they need. Coaches can be found at sporting events, or even in the quiet setting of a counselor's office.

Life coaches encourage clients and help them along the path toward their desired success. Crossover Counseling and Coaching's proprietor Laura Smith says life coaching is a new venture that started when her office changed location.

The business, previously known as Crossover Counseling, is now located in a recently remodeled home at 2214 N. Pecan St. The building was renovated to include four offices, a group counseling room and a play therapy room. The Nacogdoches County Chamber of Commerce marked the grand opening of the facility with a ribbon cutting in May.

"Life coaching is for well-adjusted adults who want to challenge how they experience life, focus on the present and establish their personal goals for the future," Smith wrote in her brochure. "We see coaching as a bridge to crossover from an emotionally healthy place to a place of further fulfillment - achieving true satisfaction and life purpose," she said.

Smith added life coaching to the private counseling practice she started in August 1996. Twelve counselors and two part-time life coaches - Joshua Wheaton and Liana Berry - work for Crossover. Smith said her office grew from two to 12 counselors in only a year and a half.

The goals of a life coach are “to help clients learn positive strategies and skills that will facilitate a more meaningful and productive life, to encourage clients to identify hindrances and barriers to personal growth and greater life fulfillment and to assist with presenting helpful resources that will aid in the client achieving his or her life goals," Smith said.

"We live in such a fast-paced world," Wheaton said. "People should slow down and focus on what they want and what they should fix. You plan for vacations and make grocery lists. Why not prioritize, use self-discipline and plan for your life?"

Listening is the best tool life coaches use to help their clients. "We listen in order to help them put the puzzle together," Wheaton said. "We get them focused on the best path toward achieving their goals and help them get past obstacles in order to keep moving forward."

Coaching topics include relationship, divorce-care, spiritual, life purpose, family/parenting, college preparation and adjustment, wellness, addiction, leadership accountability, life transition and character coaching.

Crossover's Life Coaching program lasts five weeks, but can be extended if more time is needed. A free consultation determines which coach is best matched for a client. The initial visit is face-to-face and lasts about 30 minutes. For the following five weeks, there will be at least one face-to-face, hour-long meeting per week. On the other days, coaching can be done through e-mails, text messages, over the phone and through Skype.

People interested in Crossover Life Coaching do not have to live in NacogdochesBerry said she coached a woman living in Kentucky, who had been referred to Crossover Counseling and Coaching by a friend from Nacogdoches.

            When asked what made them want to become life coaches, Wheaton said, "Life coaching just clicked. I realized I wanted to help people not go through the same issues I did of uncertainty and not having a passion for life."

"I am a cheerleader at heart," Berry said. "Life coaching was a natural fit because I enjoy working with people and helping them."

Smith was drawn to life coaching while taking courses. Seeing how many exciting ways there are to help people through coaching made her want to bring it to Crossover.  Smith's faith is an evident guide in her life and in her work.

Smith, Wheaton and Berry want to help Nacogdoches be a healthier community.  They want to help people achieve their full potential rather than accepting the status quo.  In order for them to do so, people must look past the misconception that coaching is only for sports, and realize and experience the benefits of life coaching.

"Life is so much richer and fuller than in the shallow water where we stagnate," Smith said.

Crossover Counseling and Coaching is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday at 2214 N. Pecan St., on the corner of Pecan and Hayter. For further information, call (936) 560-6855, or visit their website at



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